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We are the Champions!

Tor and I spent the past couple of days at the BMW Performance Center East, courtesy of BMW North America and the only guests of BMW of West Houston. This very special and unique event was a celebration of the 50 years of BMW M and BMW electrification, a technology the company unveiled in 1972 during the Olympic Games in Munich. That car was a 1602 BMW.

As expected, we had an amazing time, which culminated with our double podium victory in the timed event. The Gold and Silver medals were ours after beating 34 other participants!

I was very excited to see my good friend Donnie Isley, who is a former professional race driver and a performance driving instructor for BMW. Donnie and I also discussed ideas for future adventuris experiences that we plan to offer in 2023. Stay tuned!

Have fun out there, but do not forget to drive safely!


Hot lap with Donnie and 2 other participants. Fun!


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