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An Evening for the Senses

Updated: Feb 20

When I decided to embark on yet another auto enthusiast organization adventure, my vision was to couple this pathological love I have of cars with my interest in food, wine, and travel. I learned during the M Gruppe years that those seemed to be common interests of many auto enthusiasts as well.

This Saturday, the first "adventuris culinary experience" takes place, not in New York or Los Angeles, but in Katy, Texas. The venue? Davinci Ristorante Italiano by Chef Alex Salmassi.

A native of Monaco, not only is Chef Alex Salmassi a Ferrari lover, but also a graduate of both the Ecole Hôtelière Genève in Switzerland and the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. His "Davinci Ristorante Italiano" is a breath of fresh air when it comes to showcasing the rich and elegant cuisine of Northern Italy. At the restaurant, Salmassi features the region's classic, old-world cuisine, with modern twists pleasing the American preferences. It is truly a joy for the senses and for the soul.

In typical European and Northern Italian fashion, ours will be a "slow food" experience. We will start at 5 PM with appetizers and continue on with culinary delights and beverage pairings. Be prepared to be invited to cook with Chef Salmassi!

As a 'dry run' for things to come, I will open this experience to 8 guests only. If you RSVP early and come on our waitlist, I will speak with Chef Salmassi to try and secure a few more places. To help with Chef Salmassi's planning, RSVP must happen before the Close-of- Business on Friday 1/27.


DAVINCI RISTORANTE: The restaurant has consistently received 4.5-5 stars on just about every review and test. TripAdvisor has referred to it as "a hidden gem in Katy", receiving 4.5 stars for 10 of the restaurant's 14 years, and rated #1 of almost 500 restaurants in Katy.


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