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The Porsche Experience: What a terrific way to spend a Friday!

A few weeks ago Porsche of West Houston invited our Porsche Adventurists for a thrilling experience at MSR Houston that took place on 11/11. Guests were treated to a track session, lunch, and some cool Porsche gifts. Most importantly, some terrific cars to be experienced in their natural environment: A race track! Guests were able to experience 4 different models, namely the Cayenne GTS, the Macan GTS, the 911 992 Carrera, and the 992 GTS. Very different cars, with very different driving dynamics. Luckily for us, the rain did fall as expected, which allowed the group to experience these cars on wet pavement. What can I say about it? The 911's "wet mode" does work! :-))

I was also glad to meet an old friend of the former M Gruppe, Eliseo Mendoza-Altamira, who used to be an instructor for Ferarri, and now works for Porsche. He caught me up on some exciting news for our Adventurists in Texas and beyond. More to come!

Our many thanks to Porsche of West Houston's General Manager Marianna Brasel for including Adventuris in this terrific experience. What a great way to spend a Friday!

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you very much for your support and trust, it means the world to me!


Photos by Corey Anthony Photography

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