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BMW of West Houston celebrates the birth of adventuris!

Those who have been with me for my BMW passion throughout the years, and M Gruppe in particular, know well how privileged I am to have counted with the unconditional support of BMW of West Houston and General Manager Maria Moncada-Alaoui.

On Saturday, September 10th 2022, 30 Adventurists and their guests were treated to an absolute unique experience fully sponsored by BMW West celebrating two very special occasions: the 50 years of BMW M and the birth of adventuris! We met at the dealership where we were greeted with breakfast snacks, an individual gift box and a drivers meeting describing the very special plans for the day.

Our first stop was at the iconic Sabine Bridge in downtown Houston where our 23-car group was able to enjoy exclusive access to the bridge. That allowed for some absolutely stunning photos and videos. Some videos and photos were added to this post, but there is much more coming! We will have the full content for you on our social media, website soon. Here is a big hug to my old friend and adventuris EVP, Mr. Vaughn McVey. Vaughn's other passion is Video & Photography, and his company has produced some stunning content for M Gruppe, and I look very forward to his work with adventuris! I am very fortunate to be have Vaughn and his wife Norma Jean as dear personal friends. By the way, speaking of Norma Jean, you can see here in the big screen in 2023 in Martin Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon", where she acted alongside heavyweights such as Leonardo di Caprio and Robert De Niro, among others.

From the bridge, we headed to Houston's historic Brenner's on the Bayou where the restaurant opened just for our group and served an exclusive lunch. We had quiz games and a ton of fun!

Our next stop was Flora where we gathered in a private room with views of Buffalo Bayou. At Flora we enjoyed some mouthwatering gourmet desserts and champagne, wrapping up what was an absolutely unforgettable day!

I cannot possibly thank Maria and Shana Sonnier enough. Shana was the person behind some of the amazing events that BMW West offered to M Gruppe throughout its 5 years of existence. She is now fully behind adventuris as well.

As you know, adventuris experiences and events will be low volume. I urge you to stay tuned, consult the calendar regularly, get involved in our activities and organization! My old view that even the best experience is a failure without the joint effort of the people behind the action still stands - and so does my motto: "quality over quantity".

Warm greetings!



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