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Vision & Values  

Compass Pointing North


We aim to become a niche community of choice for like-minded individuals who are automobile & travel enthusiasts, and who have learned to appreciate the fine experiences life has to offer. 

Life is too short and too precious to be squandered mindlessly.


The adventuris core values are a reflection of our teams' own personal values. 

Times change. Values do not.


We are truthful in what we say, and considerate in how we say it.

We keep our word and are honest about our limitations. 


We do the right thing regardless of situation.

Our moral compass is based on ethics, not politics. 


We respect every single individual we interact with for what they are, for how they think, and for the value we add to each other.


Respect is unrelated to color, gender, religion, social status, political affiliation or anything else other than the common passions connecting us in the Adventuris world. 

Every individual has something to teach, and no individual knows it all that they cannot learn.




We seek excellence in everything we do:

In how we behave, in how we operate, in how we execute.  

We cannot always be the best, but we can always do our best.

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