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Just someone who loves life - and cars!


Founded in 2022, Adventuris is the result of a lifelong love of cars, driving, world cultures, History, and travel coupled with an enthusiasm for wines and gastronomy. In other words, a deep love of life and what it has to offer. 


Adriana was born in São Paulo, Brazil of Tuscan and Norwegian background, and holds multiple citizenships (also a proud American since 2015). By her own account, she has already had 'several lives', also professionally speaking, in a total of six countries to date. In the late 2010s, she decided to depart the Oil and Gas industry where she had worked for Shell, Transocean Offshore Drilling, and BP Gulf of Mexico. She spent many of her formative years in Norway and has been involved with different Scandinavian entities throughout her life, including a stint in diplomatic service working for a Danish diplomatic mission. On the entrepreneurial front, she was also the founder of the late M Gruppe, which became the largest and most iconic BMW M enthusiast organization in the USA. Adriana holds a Business degree from Norway, a Master of Safety Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, an MBA from Tulane University, and a couple of professional licenses. 


Adriana and her Viking husband Tor, himself a son of Norway's fjord country (Sunnmøre), are avid car enthusiasts, fortunate to enjoy a small collection of fine European automobiles. 

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