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About Us

Nürburgring-Nordschleife performance training. Fun when experienced on your own. Truly exhilarating when experienced with us!

(video by Vaughn McVey. M Gruppe exclusive, July 2016) 

Who We Are

Declination of the Latin word for "adventurer", Adventuris (uhd·ven·chr·ihs) is a lifestyle organization founded by and catering to owners of European performance/luxury automobiles. The Adventuris world couples that passion for special automobiles with other common interests, i.e. performance driving, wine & gastronomy, and unique travel experiences, both domestic and international. 


We know first-hand that sharing a deep passion, and enjoying a special experience with like-minded individuals, makes it much more memorable. 

This is the world of Adventuris.

Our Story

We have extensive experience building and growing a select enthusiast organization. Adventuris carries in its DNA the ethos and values of the iconic M Gruppe: A niche, exclusive auto enthusiast organization that operated from 2016-2021 and eventually became the largest of its kind in the United States. While we are proud to carry the M Gruppe legacy, Adventuris greatly expands that vision and purpose to include a more mature focus, new passions, and lifestyle experiences! 

Our Activities

We partner with select companies in the luxury automotive segment and tourism industry to offer curated events and bucket list experiences. Our offerings are seasonal and adapted based on requests and input from our members. As automobile, wine, and travel enthusiasts, we decide what we want to experience and when we want to experience it. Two activities will never be the same! 

Some of our events are by-personal-invitation-only. Events that are open to all members have low caps on attendance. Registration for these events is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

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