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Welcome to the A-World!

As we all look forward to the future of this organization, and as you get to know Adventuris, I want to share some thoughts: Considering it took 5 years to build our last 'automotive adventure', this one is already way ahead! We now have modern tools and technology at your disposal, a team that has 5 years of experience managing a world class auto enthusiast community, we have high quality partners already behind us already or lined up.

Having said that, I want to make it clear that Adventuris won't be your everyday "car group" for the usual meets and coffees. There are plenty of local options that can offer us just that for when we want to stay connected with the local car culture or a specific group of people. Our focus here will be on special and unique "experiences", things that would be difficult for you to have access to on your own - and honestly, that would be way more fun with us! Also one-off experiences that we can leverage as a reputable entity and through our connections in the automotive world. As I have explained in my announcement, my wish is to also couple the passion for cars with other passions many of us share, e.g. travel, fine dining, wine. I am myself invested in this organization in many different ways, and am 100% committed to it. We may not offer something every weekend, but when we do, we want it to be memorable to you and to us (team) as well!


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