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Welcome (back) to the "Profile Photo Contest"!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Those of you familiar with the former club may remember the popular monthly "Profile Photo Contest" we used to run in our Facebook group. Members would upload their best car photo, and the most voted one would become our social media and newsletter header.

I am hereby (re)introducing that fun activity, and welcome all of you to play along! Not in our Facebook group? No worries. Send me your best European performance automobile-related photo and we will upload it for votes. The photo with the most votes by the last day of the month becomes the winner, and is featured in all of our social media, communications platforms.

I encourage you to participate and share photos of your 'baby' with the rest of us. To me, a great part of the adventuris idea is the fact that we can now have a diverse group of impressive European machines to enjoy and learn about!


P.S: ...and here is a photo of our November winner! Chuck A., his immaculate Tanzanite Blue M4 convertible and a stunning backdrop to go with it! From Chuck:

"This photo was taken on Long Pond Road in Salisbury CT (the town I live in). In the distance you can see Mudge Pond. Retired BMW race car drive Sam Posey’s property borders Mudge Pond and his autobiography is called The Mudge Pond Express. It was taken with a Leica D-Lux 5."

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