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Wear the Adventuris shirt!

Do you love what we stand for? Are you an extrovert? Are you completely nuts about your European machines? Do you want to spread the passion to fellow enthusiasts in your local area?

If you answered "yes" to those questions, you may want to take a look at the Teams page and reach back to me. We are welcoming new team members, particularly for metro areas around the country. Please note that, at this time, all of us in the Team are volunteers. Having said that, the Adventuris family starts with the outstanding group of individuals behind the scenes. We are a super positive bunch with a permanent "can do" attitude. We are nimble, fast, high performing - just like our cars! We believe that it is always OK to dare; it is always OK to dream big; it is always OK to fail. What is not OK is to lose the focus and forget that Adventuris is first of all about having fun. We match the role to the personality, not the other way around.

As Arslan once said, our people are the “secret sauce”, to which I add "the cars and everything else are merely ingredients of our delicious stew."

I look forward to hearing from you!


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